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Bo Bold, Bo Undefeated, Bo A Champion, Bo Athletic

There are two types of athletes. There are competitors and there are champions. Competitors win from time to time but Champions always win. To be a champion the most important component is recovery. Whole Body Cryotherapy, also known as the 21st Cenutry Ice Bath is a staple for recovery to reduce inflammation. WBC can reduce your recovery time from 72 hours to as little as 24 hours leaving you recovered, restored and ready to perform. The B°ATHLETIC program offers a one stop shop to any recovery needs to all athletes and beyond

Below Athletic

° Endurance

° Increased Flexibility

° Heavily relied on by high performance athletes
such as the NBA, Olympians and the NFL

° Increased Energy

° Recovery decreased from 72 down to 24 hours

° Get the equivalent inflammation reduction of a 1 hour ice bath in just three minutes in the Cryosauna
Burns 500-800 calories

Recovery And Improved Performance

Find out how your student athlete can gain optimum recovery to perform their best.

Recovery of Olympic and Pro Athletes

Our programs follow the guidelines of the professionals and Olympians.

LeBron James in Cryotherapy

LeBron James

Michael Phelps in cryotherapy

Michael Phelps

Xavier Cooper

NY Jets Defensive Linebacker